• Full support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
  • Completely rewrote the display code. Many exciting things to come later which are now possible because of this, but some changes today!
  • You can now drag values to and from any line of the display and the registers / stack window.
  • You can now adjust the size of the digits in the display, and make them much bigger or smaller.
  • You can now use a space for the thousands separator.
  • Hex, octal, and binary numbers are now grouped using spaces on the display.
  • Added links for downloading the manual to the Help menu.
  • Added a arbitrary base "Log N" button to most of the advanced layouts.
  • Added a variety of new digit styles.
  • Fixed a display problem with the tape and the "Show implied parentheses" option.
  • Fixed a problem resetting user layouts.
  • There might be a small game in the About screen too.


  • Buttons in the Touch Bar will now make click sounds if you have the "Key Click" option on.
  • You can now display, copy, and paste the current value as UTF-32, so Emoji characters now work properly.
  • Fixed a problem display the "M" indicator in the Mac "Basic Large" layout.
  • Fixed a crash accessing the menus if you had any custom layouts installed.


  • Added support for the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pros.
  • Fixed a problem setting custom decimal and thousands separators.
  • Fixed a problem displaying fixed scientific notation with zero decimal places.


  • Added a new "Rounding" option to the Advanced section of the preferences, which controls the display, as well as the behaviour of the "Round" button.


  • Improved support for macOS 10.12 Sierra.
  • Added an option to display improper fractions in "Fraction" display mode.
  • Added a new "Widget" section to the preferences window, with a new option for key clicks in the widget.
  • Added new key click options, including volume and stereo clicks.
  • Improved the key click sound playback.
  • Fixed a problem pasting in fractions of the form "2 3/4".
  • Fixed a problem with the widget not remembering which layout to use.
  • Fixed a crash when bringing up the functions, conversions, or constants sheet.


  • Added support for macOS 10.12 Sierra, including an updated widget.
  • Added a new "Fraction" display mode that shows the closest fraction for the current decimal result.
  • Added a new "Accessibility" section to the preferences window, with new options for large and bold text.
  • Widget now uses the "Samurai" theme on Sierra, and uses your custom colors from the main app.
  • LCD digit, background, and theme colors are now remembered separately for each theme.
  • Now use monospace digits throughout the app for better readability.
  • Improved the text in the tape and registers sections.
  • Now show "HEX", "OCT", or "BIN" in the display to better indicate the current base.
  • Fixed a problem with the shadow detaching from the main window.
  • Various fixes for VoiceOver.
  • Fixed a problem syncing settings and calculations with the widget.
  • Fixed a display problem with parentheses in the tape.
  • Fixed a problem control-clicking the display when using certain themes.
  • Core code has been updated to match PCalc 3.6 on iOS.


  • Brand new icon!
  • Added an option to use E notation for the main display rather than superscript numbers.
  • Changed the number entry and delete key behaviour to be more sensible for decimals and exponents.
  • Fixed a problem with copy and paste on 10.9 and earlier.
  • Fixed a problem with the minus sign not always displaying properly with the LCD digit style.
  • Fixed a problem syncing the app and widget.
  • Fixed a number of problems with VoiceOver.
  • Core code has been updated to match PCalc 3.5.3 on iOS.


  • Added full support for OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
  • Added an option to float the PCalc window above all other apps.
  • Added the "Split Screen iPad" layouts from PCalc on iOS 9
  • Added a delta percentage button to most layouts as the 2nd function of percentage.
  • You can now paste simple calculations into PCalc.
  • Changed behaviour of the percentage key in algebraic mode to match the Apple calculator - old behaviour still available via "Display percentage result" option in Advanced section of Preferences.
  • Now display "Error" rather than just blinking the display on an incorrect operation.
  • Fixed a problem editing user functions and conversions with conditional skip commands.
  • Core code has been updated to match PCalc 3.5.x on iOS.


  • The Today widget has been greatly improved, and now features an advanced scientific mode and full support for keyboard shortcuts. Click the display to give the widget keyboard focus, and you can then use any of the shortcuts from the main app.
  • Various fixes and enhancements to the main app.


  • Added full support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Added a Notification Center Widget on Yosemite to perform quick calculations. Tap the display to switch to the full app.
  • Added support for Handoff on Yosemite to continue the current calculation on another device.
  • You can now import custom layouts created on iOS and any changes will sync to the Mac via iCloud. Mac editing is coming soon!
  • Added a new calculator theme, "Backlight".
  • Added an option to switch off operator precedence entirely.
  • Added an option to only show the RPN stack in the "Stack" section and keep it scrolled to the bottom.
  • Added an option for bold key text.
  • Window titlebar is now drawn in the style of the current theme.
  • Hold down option to select the inverse of a conversion from the recent conversions menu.
  • Fixed a problem with operator precedence.
  • Core code has been updated to match PCalc 3.3.x on iOS.


  • User functions and conversions can now access the RPN stack, use bitwise operators, and get and set values on the clipboard.
  • Added support for hex, octal, and binary user functions and constants.
  • Added "Rol n" and "Ror n" buttons for rotating by an arbitrary number of bits.
  • Added an option to stop the buttons from taking clicks when in the background, so clicking on the calculator window to switch to it won't accidentally trigger commands.
  • Added an option to display the ticker tape at the top of the display.
  • Added a "Copy" button to the tape window to copy the whole tape to the clipboard.
  • Added confirmation dialogs when deleting keyboard shortcuts, user functions, conversions, and constants.
  • Added better error reporting when updating the currency rates.
  • Fixed a problem entering user constants when the decimal separator is set to something other than a period.
  • Fixed a problem pasting in some hex, octal, and binary values.
  • Fixed a problem with notes not being saved with the tape.
  • Fixed a problem with deleted constant names not being saved with the tape.
  • Really fixed a problem with the tax rate not being saved.


  • Added a "Last" key in algebraic mode which retrieves the result from the last time you pressed equals.
  • Added a variety of new keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can now choose to automatically display big or small numbers in engineering mode, rather than scientific.
  • Now show a double zero key instead of an "Exp" key when in accounting mode.
  • Improved the readability of the cube root key.
  • Digit styles are not shown if the underlying font is missing or disabled.
  • Fixed a rare crash when rotating the iPhone and iPad layouts.
  • Fixed a problem entering negative fractions.
  • Fixed a problem with the PCalc window being invisible if the "Arial Rounded MT Bold" font was not available.
  • Fixed a problem with the "Clear calculator at startup" option not being saved.
  • Fixed a problem with the tax rate not being saved.


  • PCalc 4 has been entirely rewritten based on the latest code from the iOS version, and is now a modern 64-bit Cocoa app.
  • Added an option to show multiple lines on the display.
  • Added an option for a “Ticker Tape” which shows a history of recent calculations underneath the main display.
  • You can now edit user functions and conversions on the Mac, and sync them automatically via iCloud with all your other Macs and iOS devices.
  • Redesigned tape and register windows that can be torn off from the main calculator window and resized.
  • Smart searching for conversions, constants, and functions - try “£ to $” in the search field, for example.
  • Enhanced AppleScript support that lets you call any command, perform conversions, run functions, and apply constants.
  • Added all the keyboard layouts from the iPhone and iPad versions.
  • Added two new themes, “Samurai” and “Samurai Night”.
  • Added lots more digit styles.
  • Added an accounting display mode.
  • Added trend arrows to the currency rates.
  • You can now add notes to the tape.
  • And lots more!

PCalc is now only available from the Mac App Store.


  • PCalc on the Mac now supports the user functions, conversions, and constants created by the iOS version, and will sync them automatically via iCloud. †
  • You can now create an unlimited number of your own user constants.
  • Updated built-in scientific constants to the 2010 values from CODATA.
  • Added constant functions in algebraic mode - press equals to repeat the last calculation, or enter a new value and then press equals.
  • Added an option to set the upper value where scientific notation display starts.
  • Added an option to hide the button tool tips.
  • Now show unit symbols for constants in the menu tool tips.
  • Now warn before resetting all the keyboard shortcuts to defaults.
  • Tape will now show thousands separators.
  • Fixed a problem with some windows being hidden after using an Open or Save dialog.
  • Fixed a problem entering fractions after using the delete key.

† Syncing is only available in the Mac App Store version, due to Apple's restrictions on iCloud usage. Sorry!


  • Added support for Retina displays.
  • Fixed a problem with the tax rate not saving.
  • Fixed a crash on startup when updating currency rates.
  • Fixed a problem dividing negative non-decimal numbers.
  • Various fixes for Mountain Lion.


  • Added support for Mountain Lion.
  • Added a new "Density" section to the unit conversions.
  • Added a new calculator theme, "Brawn".
  • You can now use the minus button to change the sign of an exponent as you are entering it.
  • Fixed a problem with scripts not running.
  • PCalc now requires 10.6.8 or later.


  • Added a "Frac" button to most layouts for quick fraction entry. You can also press the decimal point button a second time.
  • Added an option for a fixed four register RPN stack.
  • Added an option to set the lower value where scientific notation display starts.
  • Added a new "Lighting" section to the unit conversions with lumen, lux, footcandles etc.
  • Added inch/mm of mercury and water to the pressure conversions.
  • Significantly improved the speed of keyboard entry.
  • Fixed a problem with PCalc not hiding if set to be a login item.
  • Fixed a problem with the divide button disappearing in the basic layouts.
  • Fixed a problem with the Engineering Mode display.
  • New app icon, from the folks at PyrusMalus!


  • The PCalc Dashboard widget is now free - you can download the latest version separately from here.
  • Software update is now significantly improved, with thanks to Rich Siegel and everyone at Bare Bones Software.
  • Added new force and temperature unit conversions, with thanks to Georg Schober.
  • Improved the currency rates updating.
  • Now always perform an integer divide in Hex, Octal, and Binary modes.
  • When the RPN stack is full with 128 entries, pushing a new number will drop the oldest one.
  • Opening the conversions now finishes entry of the current number.
  • Fixed a problem displaying zero in certain cases.


  • Added dozens of new unit conversions, including currencies.
  • Added an option to stop the "AC" button from clearing the memories.
  • Added a mod operator as a 2nd function of the divide button.
  • Added "<< n" and ">> n" buttons for shifting by an arbitrary number of bits.
  • Added two new calculator themes, "Flux" and "Flynn".
  • Copy and paste now works again in the Dashboard Widget.
  • Improved detection of overflow in Hex, Octal, and Binary modes.
  • Updated with the latest code from PCalc 2.2 for iOS.


  • Added an option to stop the "AC" button from clearing the tape.
  • When using multiple memories, the memory keys now highlight to show which memories have values stored in them.
  • Fixed a problem with multiple memories not updating in the Info drawer.
  • Updated with the latest code from PCalc 1.9.1 for iPhone / iPod Touch.


  • Gamma function now works on a wider range of inputs.
  • Fixed a problem with the Dashboard Widget not saving some preferences.
  • Updated with the latest code from PCalc 1.8.1 for iPhone / iPod Touch.


  • Added a "2nd" button and lots of features from the iPhone and iPod touch version including hyperbolic trig functions, hypotenuse, gamma, delta percentage, memory / stack clear, and last x.
  • Added an option to increase the number of available memories to ten.
  • Added an option to make the RPN behaviour match more modern calculators like the HP48.
  • Added an option to play a key click sound.
  • Added support for regions that use a quote as the thousands separator.
  • Can now show thousands separators in the info and stack drawers and the unit conversion sheet.
  • Updated with the latest code and conversions from PCalc 1.7 for the iPhone and iPod touch.


  • Fixed a problem with the display in some layouts on OS X 10.4.


  • PCalc now uses the calculator themes from the iPhone and iPod touch version.
  • Added themes to the Dashboard Widget.
  • Added many more unit conversions, including a new cooking section.
  • Now highlight buttons to show operators and when you are entering a decimal or an exponent.
  • Fixed copy and paste in the Dashboard Widget on Leopard.
  • Fixed a problem with the first thousands separator sometimes not being displayed.
  • Fixed a problem displaying the correct number of decimal places for some numbers.
  • Updated with the latest code from PCalc 1.5 for the iPhone and iPod touch.


  • Updated with the latest code from PCalc 1.1 for the iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Changed "Exp" button to automatically insert a 1 before the exponent if no numbers entered.
  • Percentage key now works more like HP calculators in RPN mode.
  • Cube root now supports negative numbers.
  • Factorial is now calculated using the gamma function.
  • Added tape control buttons to the "Large" style.
  • Fixed a problem with very large and small numbers not causing an overflow.
  • Fixed a problem which could cause the keyboard shortcuts to stop working.


  • Now includes many improvements from PCalc for the iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Added a new calculator style, "Blue Sun", which is now the default appearance.
  • Added an option to make the RPN mode behave more like HP calculators in both the application and the Dashboard Widget.
  • Added fuel efficiency conversions and some more constants.
  • Added more keyboard shortcuts to the Dashboard Widget.
  • Added better error handling to the functions and conversions.
  • Smarter multiple undo / redo support.
  • Reversed the order of the operator buttons to match other calculators.
  • Fixed a display problem with Engineering Notation.
  • Fixed a problem remembering the RPN stack between launches.
  • Fixed a problem with the e^x key in the application "Widget" style.
  • Fixed a problem with some functions in RPN mode.


  • Added speech support to the application. PCalc can now read your actions and results back to you.
  • Added many new constants as well as support for plug-ins to provide additional constants in future.
  • Added two new "Large" calculator styles with big buttons and displays.
  • Added an option to always display trailing zeros after the decimal point, for use with currency calculations.
  • Added new unit conversions including a new "Power" category.
  • Constants are now grouped by subject in hierarchical menus.
  • You can now map keyboard shortcuts to constants.
  • Improved support for VoiceOver and Universal Access.
  • Improved the look of the "Aqua" calculator style.
  • PCalc is now better at remembering your preferred calculator settings in both the application and the Dashboard Widget.
  • Fixed a problem where PCalc repeatedly asked if you would like to upgrade the Dashboard Widget if your home folder was on a server.
  • Fixed a problem editing constants and copying and pasting numbers in the application when the decimal separator was set to characters other than a dot.
  • The Dashboard Widget also now respects the decimal separator.


  • Fixed a display problem with Engineering Notation.


  • Added AppleScript support to the application.
  • Added a calculator style to the application that looks like the Dashboard Widget.
  • Added support for displaying numbers using Engineering Notation.
  • Added Scientific and Engineering Notation support to the Dashboard Widget.
  • Added "Subtract VAT" and "Calculate VAT" functions.
  • You can now edit the VAT rate in the Preferences window.
  • Scientific and Engineering Notation can now be set on a per-calculator basis.
  • Functions and conversions can now be written using AppleScript.
  • Fixed a problem with unknown functions and conversions still being displayed in menus.


  • Improved support for Intel-based Macs.
  • Added different calculator styles to the Dashboard Widget.
  • Fixed a problem with copying and pasting to the calculators.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.


  • Corrected a number of the unit conversions.


  • Added support for using parentheses while entering expressions.
  • Added an option to show thousands separators in the Dashboard Widget.
  • Added comma key to the default keyboard shortcuts.
  • Improved keyboard handling in the Dashboard Widget.
  • Now display a warning if you choose a keyboard shortcut which is already in use.
  • Fixed a problem setting certain keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed a problem displaying negative hexadecimal numbers in the Info drawer.
  • Fixed a problem saving the full state of the calculators.


  • Completely rewritten to take advantage of OS X Tiger.
  • Includes a companion PCalc Dashboard Widget for quick calculations.
  • More accurate maths engine.
  • Brand new unit conversion mechanism including many new supported units.
  • Editable keyboard shortcuts for all actions, including functions and unit conversions.
  • New calculator styles including Metal and Basic.
  • Support for adding third-party calculator styles, functions, and unit conversions.
  • Enhanced RPN mode.
  • Multiple undo and redo.
  • Single icon drag install.
  • Built-in software update mechanism.
  • PCalc 3 is a free upgrade for registered users who previously bought PCalc 2, and existing serial numbers will continue to work. A special upgrade price of US $10 is available for those people who got PCalc 2.2.3 included with their Macs.
  • PCalc 3 requires OS X 10.4.2 or later and is distributed as a Universal Binary with support for both Intel and PowerPC processors.


  • Special version for Apple.


  • Numerous fixes for OS X.
  • Fixed some problems with the help.
  • Support function keys for undo/cut/copy/paste.
  • Added some new Euro currency conversion and trigonometric functions.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause PCalc to freeze during certain calculations when set to display 14 decimal places.


  • Added support for Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculations.
  • Added support for octal numbers.
  • Added option to display thousands separators in the LCD.
  • Added option to quit PCalc when closing the last calculator window.
  • Fixed a number of function related bugs.
  • Fixed a problem with displaying large numbers.
  • Fixed a problem pasting certain numbers.
  • Fixed a crash when closing a PCalc Classic style window using the close box.
  • More OS X and Aqua fixes.


  • Significant speed increases over 2.0, especially on older machines.
  • Added tape window showing calculation history, for registered users.
  • Added information window showing register contents.
  • Added cube and cube root buttons.
  • Added round and percentage buttons.
  • Added more bit shifting buttons in binary and hex mode.
  • Option to auto-minimise the calculators in the background.
  • All binary operations now work in hex mode.
  • Many new functions and constants, courtesy of Roland B. Wassenberg.
  • Fixed a number of drawing bugs under Aqua.


  • PowerPC native and 68K Classic application for OS 8.0 or later
  • Carbon application included for OS X and OS 8/9 with CarbonLib 1.0.4 or later
  • New optional Aqua and Platinium look
  • Support for showing a variable number of decimal places
  • LCD indicators for current calculation state