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10th June 2015

PCalc 3.4.1 is available here.

This is just a small update, but it adds a very powerful feature to the watch app. You can now dictate numbers and simple calculations - just tap the display and talk! As a bonus, you can also paste the same kinds of calculations into the main app.

If you like it, it would be great if you could write a review on the app store - or update an existing one. Thanks very much!

19th May 2015

PCalc 3.4 has been released, with support for the Apple Watch! It's available here.

This update gives you a fully functional calculator on your wrist, complete with a tip calculator. Tap the blue "…" button to switch between the pages.

Force touch brings up a menu that lets you send the current calculation direct to your phone, clear everything, or perform undo and redo. There's also a glance which will show you the most recent results from the phone and the watch.

Of course, there's also support for RPN calculations - the watch will pick up your preferred settings from PCalc on the phone automatically.

If you like it, it would be very helpful if you could add or update a review on the store for this release. In any case, please let me know what you think, and thanks!

16th December 2014


PCalc is currently on sale at ~30% off for both Mac and iOS as part of the annual indie AppSanta promotion, along with a bunch of other great apps from top developers. Limited time offer, act now!

You can grab the Mac version directly here and the iOS version here. But consider having a look at the main AppSanta page - you might find a nice gift for friends and family, or indeed, yourself :)

Happy holidays, folks - it's been a long but rewarding year here, and I'm going to have a rest!

15th October 2014

PCalc 4.1 for the Mac is available here.

This update adds full support for OS X Yosemite, including a Notification Center widget, and support for Handoff of calculations between iOS devices and the Mac. It also brings the core code in line with PCalc 3.3.2 on iOS so you get all the improvements from that release too.

Version 4.1 can import any custom layouts from iOS and sync changes via iCloud, but full editing on the Mac will come in the update after this one.

Let me know what you think, thanks!

7th October 2014

PCalc 3.3.2 is available here.

This is just a quick update to fix a problem with the Notification Center widget on a landscape iPhone 6 Plus, but also to bring PCalc Lite up-to-date with all the changes from 3.3.1.

2nd October 2014

There's a little PCalc 3.3.1 update here.

There are a number of enhancements to the Notification Center widget, including enhanced support for the iPhone 6 Plus, as well as some small improvements to the layout editing.

The list of changes is here. The update to PCalc Lite is still awaiting approval from Apple, but should follow along shortly.

I hope you like this release - please let me know what you think. And if you could add or update a review to the store, that would be most appreciated!

16th September 2014

A huge PCalc 3.3 update is waiting for you here.

Close to the Edit

This release adds a lot of cool stuff, but the two big headline items are:

  • A powerful editor that lets you create your own custom button layouts - just tap and hold on any key to start editing. You can even create dedicated keys that perform unit conversions, run functions, and enter scientific constants. Changes will automatically sync to all your devices via iCloud, and you can export layouts to share with other people.
  • Full support for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6. That includes a brand-new Notification Center widget for quick calculations, Handoff for sending an in-progress calculation to another device, and support for the larger display of the iPhone 6 and the Retina HD display of the iPhone 6 Plus.

The full list of changes is here. A pack of screenshots for the new version (including iPhone 6 shots) is available here.

Despite taking me the past four months to write, this remains a free upgrade for existing users of PCalc. If you like it, please consider adding or updating a review to the App Store, and telling your friends. Good word of mouth makes a huge difference to sales, so anything you can do to get the word out is most appreciated.

PCalc 3.3 now requires iOS 7 or later An update for OS X Yosemite is also currently in the works, and should be released at the same time as the final OS.

I hope you like this release - please let me know what you think. And if you have any good layouts, send them to me at the usual address, and I'll collect the best of them here.

5th June 2014

There's a small PCalc 3.2.1 update available here.

Normally, I wouldn't fix bugs that only appear on a beta version of an OS, but it turns out there was a pretty nasty one - my fault entirely - which meant that PCalc wouldn't respond to any touches the first time it was run on the new iOS 8 beta.

Since, I know a lot of developers rely on PCalc, myself included, and this basically made it look like it was completely broken, I wanted to get a fix out sooner rather than later. In the past developers have got in trouble for mentioning future OS releases in their release notes, so shhhhhhhh....

If you want to thank me, please add or update your review on the App Store - that would be a great help, since every time I release a new version, it resets all the reviews that people see. And reviews are one of the main things that influence people's purchasing decisions, so it really does make a difference, thank you!

27th May 2014

The Power of the Dark Side

PCalc 3.2 is out! You can get it from the App Store here.

PCalc on iOS now shares identical core code with the latest PCalc 4 version on the Mac, so it gains all the new features from that release, and a lot more besides.

Highlights include:

  • The ability to intelligently search the functions, conversions and constants, including searching by unit abbreviation.
  • Enhanced user functions and conversions with RPN support and bitwise operators, along with separate user functions and constants for the non-decimal modes.
  • Trend arrows on the currency conversions, to show how the rates have changed recently.
  • An improved automatic night theme mode that can use the current screen brightness to switch theme, and lets you specify the day and night themes used.
  • A cool new dark theme called "Backlight" complete with glowing keys.

The full list of changes is here.

Hope you like this update - please let me know what you think. And if, you could add or update your review on the App Store, that would be most appreciated, thanks!

15th May 2014

A new version of PCalc for iOS that matches the latest Mac version is coming very soon, I'm just putting the finishing touches to it now. It will have all the new features from PCalc 4 for the Mac, including the new user function commands I added in 4.0.2.

8th April 2014

  Blue Sun StyleI've just released a brand new version of PCalc for the Mac, PCalc 4. It's based on the iOS version, and has all of the features from it including the multiple-line display, editable user functions and conversions, and the iPhone and iPad layouts.

It's available now from the Mac App Store.

1st January 2014

Happy New Year to all PCalc users, past, present, and future! :)

20th November 2013

I've released a small PCalc 3.1.1 update - you can get it here. This release changes the automatic night theme option so it never accesses your location when the app isn't frontmost.

I had a few complaints that this feature was causing battery drain in 3.1, even though it was using a low power mode called the Significant Change Location Service which shouldn't access the GPS at all. However, it still displayed the location indicator in the status bar permanently, which I think people have come to associate with Bad Things Happening as there's no distinction made between using the GPS at full accuracy, or the minimal checking I was doing. So, to assuage any fears, I've changed PCalc to switch off the location code completely when you switch out of it - it will usually take about five seconds for the location indicator to go away, but it won't be on all the time any more.

8th November 2013

PCalc 3.1 is out now! You can download it here.

The Dark Night

Aside from 64-bit support for the iPhone 5S and new iPads, this release also introduces a night mode, that determines when it's dark outside at your current location and automatically switches from the default "Samurai" iOS 7 theme, to an eye-saving "Samurai Night" dark theme. In addition, on the iPhone, PCalc also changes all the menus to match the current theme.

There's also a new "Accounting" mode that automatically enters a decimal point and rounds the display to two decimal places, and a variety of accessibility improvements including an option to display bold text on buttons, and fixes for the Voiceover support.

The full list of changes is here.

Hope you like the update. As always, comments, suggestions, and App Store reviews are all appreciated!

13th September 2013

I'm pleased to announce the immediate release of PCalc 3.0! You can download it here.


PCalc has been redesigned for iOS 7, and has a sleek new look and feel that fits in perfectly with the new OS, but that's just the start.

New features include:

  • A smarter display on the iPhone that scales up the numbers when there's less information to show. It also uses a much easier to read font by default. No more fake LCDs!
  • Edge-to-edge layouts to maximise key size for quick and accurate entry.
  • The virtual paper tape now shows all operations including functions, conversions, and constants.
  • New layouts on iPhone that show the tape permanently onscreen.
  • Full speech support - PCalc can speak all your actions and immediately read the results back to you on iOS 7.
  • The ability to hide the status bar if you need just a bit more screen real estate.
  • An option to greatly increase the size of the text on all buttons for accessibility. You can also switch off all animations which can be a big help to people sensitive to motion.
  • Added an option for constant functions in algebraic mode - just press equals to repeat the last calculation.
  • By default, PCalc uses a blue tint throughout to match its new icon on iOS 7, PCalc Lite similarly uses an orange tint. But you can choose any of the standard iOS 7 colours to complement your new iPhone.

The full list of changes is here.

And for those not yet sold on Apple's new-found minimalism, PCalc 3.0 still supports iOS 6, and has all the old themes included, so you do have a choice! The new look will activate when you update to iOS 7, but you can always switch back.

This release is the result of over three months of hard work, and yet it remains a free update from PCalc 2.x. In the absence of any upgrade pricing options from Apple, I personally think it's better to not ask people to pay again from scratch, because of the good word of mouth that happy customers generate. If you feel bad that you can't pay me an upgrade fee, please consider writing a suitably glowing review on the App Store, or just show the app to your friends and tell them why you love it!

PCalc Lite also remains free, with no advertising, and optional in-app purchasing to add any, or all, features from the full version. Both are universal apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

I really hope you like this update, let me know what you think!

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