It's PCalc on the big screen!

PCalc for the Apple TV is ideal for education, or for anybody else that is looking for a feature-rich scientific calculator for their TV.

Features include:

  • A full scientific calculator, designed to be used with a remote.
  • Optional RPN support.
  • Parentheses and multiple memories.
  • Multiple layouts and themes.
  • Speech support for speaking calculation results and actions.
  • Full support for game controller input, with a slick circular UI.
  • Automatic theme switching for dark mode.


Click on any of the images to see a bigger version.

Default Layout

Advanced Layout

Game Controller UI 1

Game Controller UI 2


Purchasing PCalc

To purchase PCalc, simply search for the word "PCalc" on your Apple TV. Select the icon for the app that appears, and it should take you directly to the App Store page.

PCalc for the Apple TV is now free!


What people have been saying about the other versions of PCalc:

"...PCalc represents the sort of innovative and creative spirit that we value most..."
MacStories width=
John Voorhees, MacStories, December 2021
"...a solid, stable and feature-rich app, this Mac veteran can still cut it...."
Five Stars
Craig Grannell, Mac Format, June 2014
"...whether you’re performing serious scientific calculations, doing high-school physics homework, or just converting everyday measures, PCalc has the features and interface for you..."
Macworld 4.5 Mice
Dan Frakes, Macworld, March 2014
Nearly seven thousand 5-star customer ratings worldwide on the App Store as of May 2014
Five Stars
"…the best professional-grade iPhone calculator…"
Dr. Drang, The Sweet Setup, November 2013
"…what’s perhaps most impressive about PCalc is that TLA Systems has managed to squeeze so much functionality into the program without making it unwieldy; rather, it’s positively fun to use…"
Dan Frakes, Macworld, May 2010
"…PCalc is the app for those of us that need pure power when computing on the iPhone…"
"…best calculator for power users…"
Rob Griffiths, Macworld, December 2008
"...think of it as the Lexus or BMW of Mac calculators. PCalc has a large following of dedicated users
because it’s a calculator that does more than the sum of the parts..."

Alexis Kayhill, Mac360, October 2008
"...for me, buying PCalc was a no-brainer. And I didn’t even need a calculator to figure that out..."
Macworld 4.5 Mice
Dan Frakes, Macworld, August 2008
"...I like it very much!"
Guy Kawasaki, Alltop, August 2008
"...while I’ve seen a few iPhone apps that are really good, PCalc is the best so far..."
John Gruber, Daring Fireball, July 2008
"...transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into the coolest scientific calculator ever...."
Jason Snell, Macworld, July 2008